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Even if you have the best website going if it can't be found then you’re wasting your money and time

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be defined as the process of optimisation web pages to make them more search engine friendly to achieve higher ranking in organic search results for specific and relevant keywords or key phrases and help potential customers to find the website. Thus, improving the volume of quality traffic produced by search engines.

Search engines do algorithmic calculations to determine the relevancy of the website or the web page and compare to the desired search content and rank them accordingly in their organic or natural search results.

How Can Optimisation Help?

Optimisation improves how your website appears in the search results. When you search for any given search term, Google displays pages in a ranked order. Organic ranking is achieved by using keywords, meta tags, also other web pages and advertisements linked to your website, by implementing this method of (seo) search engines - principally Google will find you.
So, it’s quite simple, your optimised website pages will have the potential to rank much better in Google, Bing etc. It’s simply that a well-designed and well-formed website with interesting and relevant information will outperform a poorly formed website. That said, SEO is a service that is poorly understood by industry outsiders